Tachileik, Myanmar Report by David Jacobson

God met us mightily at the Tachileik, Myanmar Conference in April, 2013—but not without a fight.  Our speaker became very ill as he was boarding the plane from Taiwan and had to return to the states.  I knew that the Lord would have us go on with the Conference, so I had to preach. God was with us and all the needs were met and the glory of God was revealed to everyone that attended.

A Spirit of revival was present right from the beginning, and the attendees who consisted of pastors, leaders, and lay people, were greatly touched by the Spirit of God and the teachings of the School of Christ.

The highlight of the conference was when two Burmese pastors came forth asking that we teach a School of Christ in their area which is located about 120 miles from the border in the Shan State of Myanmar.  They want the thirty-five pastors they are over to go through the SOC. They also want to invite other churches and leaders to come as well.

Upon returning home, I received the following email from Pastor Ko Aung stating his desire along with some pictures of this work in the Shan State.

Greeting in Jesus name! I am Ko Aung, the one who attended your School of Christ’s training in Myanmar. It was so great for me in your training and we were so blessed through your training. If you want to do this training in Myanmar, East Shan State, I can partnership with you; I am the leader of 23 churches. I desire to do training because all the church leaders under me are laymen, they never went to Bible School.  I hope and pray that you can come and open a School of Christ.  My place is 120 miles from Thailand. We talked about this when I met with you at  your conference. 

After entering Myanmar you will see idols everywhere. Attendees worshipping at the Tachielak Conference. Participants on the last day of the conference. Pastor Stephen (left) is over 12 Four Square churches with 300 youth, and Pastor Ko Anug (right) is over 23 Four Square Churches in Shan State.

Angola Update by Donal Chance

The prisoners in Louisiana State Penitentiary that are going through the School of Christ International send their thanks and love to the staff and President Darrell Turner for providing them with these materials. It is truly a blessing and a life changing opportunity for them.

Warden Burl Cain called us to his office 3 months ago and learned of our missions work, home and abroad. He gave us one of the greatest assignments of our ministry. He asked us to begin a mentoring program for the 30 plus prison pastors in Angola. His mission was for us to train them in such a way that we make missionaries out of them after going through the Power of Preaching and School of Christ materials. What a humbling assignment! He also gave us the authority to plant Bible Tabernacle and New Life Ministries in the prison. At present, 2 pastors are going through the school to do just that.

I personally would like to thank the School of Christ office and Sister Brenda Turnage for producing the booklet on the Power of Preaching. We are presently able to put this booklet in the hands of the prison pastors and their staff. It has proven to be very effective. To God be the glory!

We are planning to have the graduation of 20 inmates in the near future. Please keep Angola in your prayers. They may be locked up, but they will never be locked out from what God has in store.


Russia Report by David Gearheart

We arrived in Ivangorod, Russia on May 15, 2013, to continue working with Pastor Yakov Demianchuk, Overseas Director of the School of Christ. We had a great time at home seeing my family, but ready to get back to Russia and to the work God has called us to do.

A campground was donated to us ten years ago and all the churches associated with us use it all summer for a time of getting closer to the Lord. The theme for this year camps was Paths to Power, taken from the School of Christ.

Beginning the last week of June and continuing till the end of July, one local church after another traveled four hours north of St. Petersburg to separate themselves for God’s Word, prayer, and fellowship.  Our family stayed at the camp the whole time to minister together with the leaders of each church.  On the weekends, while waiting for the next church to come, we traveled around the region preaching in new churches that Pastor Yakov is responsible for.

The churches in Russia are not seeing growth by leaps and bounds, but there is a definite, steady increase of solid, balanced believers.  We are constantly asking for God’s divine intervention to help us bring in the harvest.  Still, we were a bit overwhelmed this year in the Youth Camp. With one hundred and twenty youth in tight quarters, with not enough toilets or showers, even water was a problem, it is necessary to keep them active and challenged.  On two separate evenings, Yakov took thirty campers on an evangelizing  trip to the cities where our newly planted churchs are located.  Another evening we all went to the nearby lake to baptize several of the youth, which included my two oldest boys.

The last evening of the youth camp, the Holy Spirit moved in a clearly supernatural way, beginning with a group of 12-13 year olds from Ivangorod. All week they had been hard to handle, not interested in the Bible lessons at all.  At the altar call, suddenly they broke down, weeping loudly and repenting.  As the wave of emotion passed, we started to dismiss for supper, but nobody wanted to leave the meeting tent. Others started seeking more earnestly and the Holy Spirit passed through the tent in waves.  The leaders just stood still and watched in amazement as God filled one after another with His Spirit.  This went on until two in the morning, and the changed attitudes were evident for weeks to come. This move of the Holy Spirit was just what we needed to encourage us and convince the doubters who had never seen a real move of God.

Here are a few pictures of our time there.  Many thanks that you have been faithful to His calling.






Thailand Report by David Jacobson

We arrived Saturday, February 23rd, around 1:30 pm and prepared for the next day’s ministry at MCA’s largest church in Mahachai, Thailand. We found ourselves in a war with the enemy as we discovered the next morning that the taxi driver stole all of our cameras and equipment on the previous day.

Leaving Bangkok early in the morning, we caught four different types of transportation, starting with a fast paced half-mile run to catch a minibus. During our time aboard the train we met a British woman who was suffering from damaged discs in her back. She allowed us to pray for her.  She was a bit stunned at our boldness. We prayed that the Lord would heal her and that she would come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

Two hours later we finally arrived in Mahachai at the MCA Church where we had preached the previous year. What a joy it was to see graduates from the 2012 School of Christ and hear how the Lord is using them at the Mahachai church in outreach and church helps ministry.

After Bro. Noah preached and gave an altar call; many came to rededicate themselves to do what the Lord had called them to do.  One man, Brother Joe, who had been our interpreter last year, wept and wept as he received confirmation during that time of prayer a specific direction that the Lord wanted him to go.  His vision from the Lord was to be a missionary in the city of Mahachai. He was to preach the Gospel boldly in street evangelism and outreach to the Burmese migrant workers who reside there.

As we fellowshipped at lunch with the congregation, a local man who had attended the service, wanted us to pray that he be delivered from demon spirits. We laid hands on him and prayed that the Lord would set him free.  Praise God, he was set free.

Conference in Mahachai, Thailand. Prayer meeting after service at the Mahachai Conference. Bro. Noah and Bro. Joe, our translator at the 2012 Conference. Local man delivered from demon spirits.

Mongolia Report by Andrey Skhin

We have just completed the third School of Christ in Mongolia.  The School was held in the central city of Huvsgol province, located in the northern most region of this nation. This “city” of 45,000 people is called Murun, and is considered to be a booming metropolis in this sparsely populated country. We were met by the local Christian leader, Pastor Beh-hey, who is a missionary/church planter and has planted twelve churches throughout three provinces in the lesser reached areas of Mongolia. He heard of the School through one of his church members who had attended last year. The pastor noticed a remarkable change in this man after he had returned home; he was full of  joy and love, and became a  witness for Christ.  Pastor Beh-hey invited us to come hold the School in his church and we had thirty students. They sat riveted as we taught these hungry students the lessons of the School of Christ. None of the students had ever heard teaching with such depth before. What a blessing it was as we ministered over the next two weeks and saw the students grow in their dedication to the Lord. 

School of Christ students in Huvsgol Province, Mongolia.

One leader shared how Mongolia needs teaching like the School of Christ because many of the churches have lost their first love and the life of God is no longer present. Pastor Beh-hey testified that he had been to five Bible schools but had never seen the spirit of God work so strongly in the hearts of  students. Pastors were amazed at the change in the lives of the students, and their commitment to seek the Lord in prayer. He explained to us that the previous evening, all of the pastors in their local area had met for a meeting. There are now approximately one hundred leaders who wish to attend the next school. Brother Clendennen always taught that revival never came through big propagators of religion, but through the prayers of a people with a broken and contrite spirit that tremble at His Word. We are seeing Brother Clendennen’s words come to pass  before our eyes.

Andrey Skhin, Pastor Beh-hey, & Noah Middleton

The translation of the School of Christ book into Mongolian language is moving forward. We hope to see it finished soon so that future students can leave the School with a copy of the teachings in their own language.

Prayer meeting at the Murun, Mongolia School. Students sat riveted as they listened to the SOC lessons.