Russia Report by Yakov Demianchuk

We had a wonderful School of Christ in Ivangorod, Russia at our church with students coming from Karelia, St. Petersburg, and States. The lessons of the School of Christ were powerful, and the fire of the Holy Spirit came into every heart. The presence of God was felt and every student’s walk with the Lord was renewed. There was such a presence of the Holy Spirit that the students felt like it was Heaven on earth.

Our work continues in the Saratov region of Russia. Saratov is a city and the administrative center of Saratov Oblast, Russia, and a is major port on the Volga River. We have there a good coordinator, Andrei Kosygin, who has worked in several cities in this central region of Russia, and is doing a great work for the School of Christ.

We were led to go and introduce the School of Christ to the pastors in this region. We brought with us twenty SOC book’s, and they began to read and study them. We now have Schools running in these regions in the cities of Omsk, Kemerovo, and Novosibirsk.

Our country is now going through a political crisis, and in the churches there is a search for spiritual reality. Pastors are looking for an answer to know what to do. The School of Christ teachings have brought them the answer.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with the School of Christ and for your continued prayer and support.

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Ambato, Ecuador Report by Johnny Brown

To God be the Glory for the work that was accomplished during the School of Christ in Ambato, Ecuador. Twenty-one students gathered together from several different regions to seek the Lord, to grow in the knowledge of God, and His Son Jesus Christ.

In preparation for the School, the students gathered together at the facility three days prior to the beginning of the School to fast and pray. Their desire and passion carried over into the School. Every prayer meeting was intense; on the third morning when I woke up at normal time to go over for the 5:00 a.m. prayer meeting, I did not hear anything or anyone else stirring. None of the lights were on, so in my mind I wondered if everyone else was still asleep. When I opened the door to the classroom, all of the students were already gathered together in prayer. Many of them fasted during much of the School, spending their time in prayer. The prayer meetings in the afternoons would often go several hours, as the students would earnestly seek the Lord.

At the beginning of the School, only two of the twenty-one students claimed to have been filled with the Holy Ghost. But halfway through the School of Christ, eleven had received the baptism in the Holy Ghost. One night in particular, while in the prayer meeting, I noticed a difference in the way one of the students was praying. When I asked the interpreter, “What is He saying?,” He looked back at me and said, “I don’t know, He is speaking in tongues.” By the end of the School, sixteen received the Holy Ghost.

The Regional Bishop of the Church of God informed me that the news of what God had done in the lives of the students in this School were being spread all throughout Ecuador. People were calling him to make sure their name would be registered for the next School!

It was truly amazing to see the change in these students’ lives. Thank you for prayers and support for the work of the Lord, through the School of Christ in Ecuador.

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Ethiopia Report by Richard Goebel

In July, the School of Christ was held in Moyale, Ethiopia. Christ and His Word was made real to the pastors in a greater way than they had ever experienced before. The greatest testimony we continuously hear from students is that their “religious eyes” have been opened to the LIFE and SPIRIT of Christ through the School of Christ.

The School of Christ in Ethiopia is made up of students from different backgrounds. In some of the Schools, pastors come from as many as six different denominations and up to ten different villages. In this School, students came from two tribes that have been at war with each other for the last two years. Seven students in this School chose to leave because of the conflict, but others gave themselves to Christ. I believe they now see that only Jesus and His Word can ever be “the balm in Gilead” that is able to heel such deep wounds. It always hurts us to hear that people would leave under these conditions, but this is part of the battle that we face in preaching the True Gospel in these areas, and we believe God continues to give us great victories. When you see pastors from different tribes coming together to hear God’s Word, this is a great testimony that most people in the West cannot understand. Often the pastors who attend the School of Christ have already gone through some Bible training as pastors, and only Holy Ghost-filled teaching can expound the way of God more perfectly unto them (Acts 18:26). Pastor Okato said, “Even though the students had graduated from different Bible Schools and theology classes, they had never heard such truth before.

Pastor Isaiah, a senior pastor in Mayale said, “This School woke me up from my long sleep. I am able to see that I was lost in the ministry and not serving according to His will. The lesson on the cross especially impacted my life and I made a decision to dedicate my life to the Lord in a new way.”

Pastor Petros from Yabelo said, “I have attended so many trainings, included theological seminary, but none of them showed me God’s heart like this one. In this teaching I was able to see that there is a hope for revival. I really thank SOC and the people who facilitate the School in our area.” Another testimony that touched my heart was from Evanglist Ayalkibet. He said, “I have been in theological college twice, but never exposed to this kind of truth, especially when I hear about the blood. I was challenged that I was not really preaching the Truth. After this School I have decided to preach and to live the truth.”

There is so much to write about the impact that the School of Christ has had, and continues to have, in Ethiopia, but these testimonies say it better than I can. In less than 30 days a pastor is brought face-to-face with Christ, face-to-face with himself, through the teaching of the School. The results are found in the life that these men take back to their churches. We are seeing the harvest brought in. We thank those who have given, so that this School could be run. I believe your giving will be rewarded when you stand before the Master.

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Nicaragua Report by Richard Goebel

In June we traveled to Jalapa, Nicaragua for three days of fasting and prayer for pastors that had graduated the School of Christ. As word spread about the conference, many other pastors joined us because they saw first-hand the effects the School of Christ had on the lives of pastors that graduated; their desire is to be able to attend a School. God moved in these meetings, and the pastors left strengthened for the work of the Lord in these last days.

Currently there is a great shortage of food, and some of our brethren are finding it difficult to buy the food that they need for their families. I humbly ask that you please pray for the many pastors that are laboring in Central and South America. We continually hear of the great things that God is doing in the lives of His people. The doors are open, the needs are great. We are praying that God will provide the needed finances, and we ask that you pray for us as we do the work of the Lord in all of these areas.

There is one other thing that has been on my heart for the past few weeks that I wish to share with you. Once, when considering all of the open doors before us, Brother Clendennen was asked, “Who will reach all these people if we don’t?” Brother Clendennen replied, “Religion will reach them, because they have the resources!” He knew they would be harvested for either God or the Devil. I ask that you please pray and give so that others might hear the true Gospel of Jesus before they are reached by false religion.

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