Russia Report by Andrea Sekhin

Missionaries in training in Krasnoyarsk, Russia

I met the Elder Pastor of New Life Church at a Conference where I was preaching a message from the School of Christ. The teaching touched the heart of the Pastor and he invited me to a Conference at their Assembly, where I had an opportunity to share more teachings from the School of Christ.

Then the Pastor invited me at the beginning of their missionary school, so I could lay the great foundation from the School of Christ for the future missionaries. I was teaching the topics like Person of Jesus, Conflict, Repentance, and Almighty Blood. All the missionaries were blessed because they had never heard such a deep teaching. They were very happy that they were able to hear the teaching in the beginning. I believe that the School of Christ will have an influence on all their lives, and the Lord will use them not only in Russia to plant churches, but He can send them in other countries. Why not? Our God is Almighty. Once through the School of Christ, He opened the door to China for me. We have been able to teach more than 3000 pastors and leaders in China. In addition we have held many Conferences and  services in churches.  May the Lord bless these students and future missionaries, that God’s plan will be fulfilled in their lives. May everyone of them become a vessel of God.

When you pray for the School of Christ, remember these missionaries. I praise God that He is still calling workers who are willing to listen.

Germany Report by Keith Malcomson

Germany has been a long time burden for me. I first went there at the age of 18 as a British soldier in service to the Queen but returned there soon after as a preacher of the Gospel in service to the King. For several years we faced numerous problems in connection with translation work, fellow labourers, and a variety of other things with the School in Germany. During that time,      however, we held conventions, meetings and weekend Schools as well as having German students   attend almost all the European Schools held in  Ireland.

School of Christ Graduates

In May, 2014, we held our first proper School in that land with great blessing. Sixteen pastors, preachers, missionaries and believers gathered in from different towns and cities in Germany for a very precious School. There was a remarkable sense of the Lord, and wonderful liberty in preaching and teaching. Some wept, others rejoiced; some were challenged to their very depths, others were set free. To gather in this environment of intense preaching and prayer on German soil has been my great burden and an answer to many prayers.

One leader said “What a life-changing time it was for me.” Another said “Praise the Lord for having the School of Christ here in Germany, and for hearing the Word of God and spending time in his presence in prayer!” Others thanked us with tears in their eyes. They had not realised how far they had strayed. Some who had only previously heard the teaching in English were amazed to now have it in their own tongue.

Translators for the School of Christ in Germany

We also had a wonderful team of translators who were very gifted and precise in the task as well as an expert camera crew who offered their services free.  One of the translators has since pioneered a new church with others involved with a similar work. One very good friend in attendance is active in evangelism on the streets of Berlin. To stand for this message in Germany means standing alone or at least isolated in the present church climate.

Germany is the biggest and one of the most important nations in the European Union (EU). We are living in the very days in which the Bible prophesied that the harlot church would ride upon the back of a scarlet beast–that is a revived Roman Empire (Rev.17). These are indeed the last days but, at the very heart of this political end-day system, we are seeking to prepare a pure and holy Bride for Christ. There are 90 million German speakers in this region, and we intend to give the churches of this German world a clear uncompromising message that will inspire them to return to Pentecost just one more time.

We have just returned from a week of preaching in Germany in January with several believers booking in for the next school which we will run in May 2015. Please pray for us that the Word of God may have free course and run in this land in the days ahead.