Powerful SOC in North Sudan

(Pictures and names are withheld for security reasons.)

It can be very difficult, at times, to write reports about the work of the School of Christ in East Africa; not because the work is not moving ahead or because we are not seeing victories, but because North Sudan is predominantly Islamic. The residents are ruled by Sharia Law, where converting from Islam to another religion is considered apostasy and punishable by death. In Northern Sudan the Sudanese do not have religious freedom, and the government treats Islam as the state religion. Terrorism and militants are a constant threat, forcing millions to flee genocide and massacre to live in sprawling refugee camps. But, God still has people who will hear His voice and go to reach the lost—no matter the cost.

This is a testimony of one such missionary:
During a recent prayer meeting, a young man came to Pastor G, a field-worker with the School of Christ in Ethiopia, and said that God had called him to lay down his life in North Sudan. Brother T (not his name for security reasons) is a very strong and dedicated disciple of Christ. Pastor G and the Fellowship began to fast and pray for preparation, anointing, and protection as he plants churches and runs the School of Christ in one of the hardest areas of the world. In the early part of 2016, Brother T received money from the home office of the School of Christ in Beaumont, TX, to live on; he then left for North Sudan to begin ministry.

We were expecting to hear from Brother T about running a School of Christ in April, but heard nothing. May came and went, still no word, still continuing to pray. Pastor G was contacted in Ethiopia in June, he had not received any word or had any contact from Brother T. In July the SOC director received an email that simply said, “God‘s blessings upon You. We have had a powerful School of Christ.” Then he listed the names of twenty-four brothers in Christ who graduated from the School of Christ. Hallelujah!! We are seeing God do the impossible. We are watching as “those who sit in darkness see a great light.”

We deal with many attacks of the devil. Our workers in Sudan have labored under death threats. In Ethiopia, they have been threatened with prison, and some of our workers have been imprisoned for preaching Christ on the streets. In Somalia, our students are forced to relinquish any rights to their wives and children when they accepted Christ and left Islam. Some of the greatest testimonies come from those that look at you crying, expressing their gratitude for bringing the SOC lessons that have changed their lives. This is why we labor! This is what you support when you give to the SOC International. Please pray, please give.

SOC Continues In Asia

(For security purposes we have not included photos or the names of the workers.)

Praise the Lord for such a great move of God among the students that were able to attend the Asia School of Christ.  We had a total of 58 students from the countries of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Karakalpakstan.

Religious persecution is on the rise in these closed countries. Bibles are being taken away, churches are raided, Christians are jailed, and there is even a ban on Christians being buried in state cemeteries. But, persecution has not stopped these men and women of God wanting to know more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

While the spread of Christianity has been great, there are still huge segments of the world’s population that have never heard the name of Jesus or the message of salvation. In an article on the Future of the Global Church it said, “The disturbing truth is that there may still be nearly 2 billion individuals who have never had a chance to hear the Gospel.”

The Bible says in Matthew 28:19, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” God has laid upon the hearts of ministers to take the School of Christ training material into these areas that are closed to the western world. Through the teaching of the School of Christ we are equipping these pastors and workers to make not just converts, but disciples for Jesus Christ. Pray for these pastors and workers as they labor for God in this difficult field.

We must work while the door is open for the to minister and train in these areas. We are called to either “GO” or “SEND.” Help us send SOC workers while there is still time to work.

Praying for God to Send Revival to Hungary

Lee Shipp – SOC Director

Tamas  D’Nagy & Wife – SOC Field-Worker – Budapest-Paks, Hungary

Dear Brothers, Sisters, Intercessors, and Supporters:

The School of Christ courses are still being taught here in Hungary. We have just graduated five students from four different churches. Our prayer is that more churches will embrace the School and more people will be involved. I continue to meet pastors and church workers to encourage them, and we pray together for God’s will to be done in our country.


The School of Christ Hungary and the Network of Hungarian Pentecostal churches worked together over the last twelve months and held two conferences with SOC students, pastors, and church ministers in attendance. We have over one hundred and ten participants in both events. These three day conferences were made up of forty percent prayer time. We prayed more than ten hours during this conference. That is what we needed; to get back into His Holy Fire. Our theme was to lift up Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. The Lord moved mightily, we saw healings, people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, yokes broken, joy, and worship. It was a living Pentecost! We were so blessed by Pastor Lee Shipp, a SOC Director, for coming to be one of our speakers at these conferences.

I continue to work with the pastors and churches in Balkans, Serbia, and Bosnia. The School of Christ was introduced in Bosnia through our ministry here in Hungry. The spiritual condition of the church in Bosnia is very, very difficult. The country is made up of three ethnic groups and three religions. There is a lot of hatred and pain among the people. The churches are very small and struggling, and the pastors need prayer and encouragement.

We thank you for the School of Christ ministry, and for all you do for us. It is so good to know and feel that you are standing behind us and protect our spiritual backs! May the Lord bless you and keep you in His love!

Pastor Tamas D’Nagy
Director SOC-HU
Budapest-Paks, Hungary

Doors of Ministry Remain Open in Nicaragua

The School of Christ graduates in Nicaragua

God bless you Pastor/President Robert Turnage, School of Christ Staff, and Supporters:

Praising the Lord that the work here in Nicaragua still continues. The Gospel of Pentecost is being preached and the doors of ministry are remaining open. We are moving forward in the work of God that has been entrusted to us. Nicaragua needs an urgent move of the Holy Spirit, and we will not rest, but will continue to plan and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will continue to train through the School of Christ, vessels who are willing to be used by God, and will bring the Gospel of the Kingdom to this country.

We had a wonderful week starting a new School in a maximum security prison with thirty students in attendance. They received this message with open hearts and it was wonderful to see. I give God the glory for His great mercy in leading us in this great work. We face many daily challenges but He makes us “more than conquerors” through His grace.

At the present we have two SOC Schools running in the city of San Marcos, Nicaragua, and a School is in the capitol city of Managua, with fifty students in attendance. We have started a new School in Leon, Nicaragua, with thirteen students. The Leon School is made up of mostly pastors who are interested in this Message of Pentecost. What a blessing to see how their spiritual eyes are opened when they begin to watch the School of Christ lessons preached on DVD by Pastor Clendennen.

School of Christ School being taught in Nicaragua

There is a great need and the resources are few, but God has given us a team of workers in this country that are dedicated to the work of God that is helping carry the Message of Pentecost to this nation. These men of God are working shoulder-to-shoulder, and I can say as the Apostle Paul, “they are true companions of Christ.” God bless you and continue to pray for Nicaragua and the workers God has called to this mission field.

Delvis Soza
SOC Field-worker

SOC Training Missionaries and Workers in Ukraine

The “Ukraine Brothers” are a group of School of Christ leaders that are full-time missionaries carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ to open and closed countries.

The ‘Ukraine Brothers” have been very actively running School of Christ Schools in different parts of the Ukraine and occupied territories. Two Schools have just graduated in the cities of Kamyanets-Podilskyi and Thermopile, located in the western regions of the Ukraine.

Graduating School of Christ class in Kamyanets_Podilskyi, Ukraine

The first School was conducted at a church in Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Ukraine with twenty-six students in attendance. This region of the Ukraine has a historical significance. One of the first and largest Holocaust massacres was carried out in the opening stages of World War II between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. On August 27 & 28, 1941, according to Nazi Germany reports, 23,600 Jewish men, women, and children from the Kamyanets-Podilskyi Ghetto were murdered. They were killed by the Einsatzgruppen (Mobil Killing Units) and troops under the command of Higher SS. This city has a long history of invasions, violence, and turmoil, but now the Gospel is being preached and taught there through the teachings of the School of Christ.

Missionaries in Ternopil, Ukraine going through the School of Christ

The Second School was held in Ternopil, Ukraine, which is a major highway and railway hub. The School was held at the Ternopil Missionary Institute with twelve students going through the SOC program that are missionaries preparing to go into Asia and Africa. God is still calling young men and women to follow the Great Commission, “GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL!” Pray that God will continue to use these young missionaries, and that they will go in His strength and boldness.

With the economic disaster in the occupied Russian territories, life is very difficult for the people in the Ukraine, but we remain steadfast in the work of the School of Christ. Praise the Lord for all He is doing in our country. Pray we will continue to be faithful workers for Him.

Ukraine SOC Field-Workers