December Mission Message – Robert Turnage – President

We were blessed to have former School of Christ students Andrey and his wife Lyudmyla Syrisko, and Stepan Volenk come to the Beaumont office of the School of Christ to meet with Pastor/President Robert Turnage regarding the work of SOC in the Ukraine and surrounding countries.

Andrey and his wife now live in Seattle, Washington, and work with an outreach ministry. They are in the process of moving to Florida to run a School using the School of Christ material to train Russian speaking students who are called to missions.

Stepan Volenk lives in the Ukraine and is the field-worker for the School of Christ. He has been a diligent and faithful worker for the SOC for many years. He came to Washington State to broadcast the School of Christ on a large Russian radio station that covers America, Europe, and Russia.

Pastor Turnage asked them to minister in both the AM and PM services of Victory Temple on October 22, 2017. The church was uplifted by their testimonies. Time is short and we must work while it is still day. Pray for all the workers of the School of Christ.



SOC continues to Change Lives at Angola State Penitentiary

The Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola is a maximum-security prison farm. It is operated by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections. It is the largest maximum-security prison in the United States with 6,300 prisoners and 1,800 staff, including corrections officers, janitors, maintenance, and wardens. It is located on an 18,000-acre property that was previously the Angola Plantations. God is moving in Angola State Prison and there is a Holy Ghost revival taking place! Men are being saved, filled, and changed.

We are currently teaching the School of Christ in English and Spanish. What a blessing to see the men come to know Christ as their Lord and see their lives totally changed. We were so blessed when Pastor Robert Turnage was able to come and witness firsthand what God is doing in Angola State Prison through the School of Christ. One student said, “I thank the Lord for you and pray for you daily. I love you in the Lord—we have a bond together.”

Our team of workers here at Bible Tabernacle in Bridge City, Louisiana, go to the prison on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, and have services in the main prison and camp J (the most restricted housing unit in Angola). Brother Frank Alverico holds a Spanish service at the Inner Faith Chapel on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. Men are entering these services with praise and thanksgiving because of the School of Christ training.

In an article from the Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice states, “Policy makers and correctional officials alike are among the supporters of these programs that go well beyond conventional prison ministry. The emphasis in promoting the expansion of religion-based programs indeed lies in the claim that faith in a Higher Power prevents relapse into criminal activity better than secular strategies.” We know that true salvation through Christ Jesus is the answer. Help us reach the unreached for Christ. Remember to pray for the inmates and the church at Angola State Prison.
Donal Chance – SOC Director


400 Students Attend SOC in Brazil

We have seen God’s hand moving in extraordinary ways! In the month of June we had the privilege to travel to the northern region of Brazil to teach the School of Christ in the state of Amapá. The School was held at the Assembly of God Church in the city of Laranjal do Jari, which is located approximately 4 hours away from the capital city of Macapa. Pastor Lucifrances Tavares Barbosa has had a vision for many years to make the SOC available to as many ministers and local churches in his region as possible. We have been working closely with Pastor Lucifrances, not only with the teaching and training of the SOC, but also with the printing of the SOC books in Portuguese through the Gospel Publishing House of the Brazilian Assemblies of God.

Our first week in Amapa, we ministered at a three-day Missions Convention and held other mission services in the City of Macapa and the surrounding area. We also had the privilege of traveling down the Amazon River to participate in the inaugural services of two new congregations. We witnessed the great work that the Lord is doing through Pastor Lucifrances and ministerial staff of Amapa, in reaching many remote locations of the Amazon.
The last two weeks of our trip we taught the School of Christ in Laranjal do Jari, which is the third largest church in the state of Amapa. Pastor Jacob and his wife Noemi have been serving the Lord in ministry for 40 years, and they are totally sold out to God. We were greatly encouraged and blessed to witness two great examples of lives completely devoted to the Will of God. We were able to complete the first half of the School of Christ, and we are scheduled to return next year to complete the remaining lessons.

During this School, God moved in a great way through the lives of all 400 students that attended. They came with a great hunger and thirst to learn more about the Word of God. Some of the students testified at the end of the School saying, “I thought I was saved unit I came to the School of Christ.” Many received the baptism of the Holy Spirit for the first time, and others rededicated their lives to the Lord. The School of Christ teachings, anointed by the Holy Spirit, touched every life.

Brother Mário Alexandre testified, “I would like to express my gratitude to God for the SOC. I have been serving the Lord for close to twenty years. I was challenged by the lessons of Pastor Clendennen. I learned to be a better Christian than what I was. Not that I wasn’t saved, but as Pastor Brian said, ‘My life can be separated into two parts—before and after the SOC.’ I would like to testify that the SOC changed my life, and now I have a new vision of the Kingdom of God. I was renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit. To God be the glory!”

One sister testified saying, “ I had an idea of what it meant to be a Christian, but through the SOC God has given me a new vision regarding the Christian life.”

As we spoke with the brothers and sisters during the final days of the School of Christ, we heard many similar testimonies. God has begun His work to bring about the end-time revival which will usher in the Coming of Christ for the Church. It is a great privilege and honor to have been called for such a great work as this.

Thank you to all who support the School of Christ ministry through prayers and finances. We could not continue in this great field without YOU. May God’s blessings continue upon each of your lives!
Brian Larsen SOC Vice-President & Director


China – A Door Open That No Man Can Shut

(For security purposes we have not included pictures and names in this article)

In June 2017, we were invited by local leaders of the underground church in Eastern China to run a School of Christ School. Here in the land of Chairman Mao and the Great Wall, Christianity has very little freedom. The government does allow for registered churches, and they have the freedom of a bird in a cage. Therefore, most of the true church, fruit that remains of such ministers as Hudson Taylor and Watchman Nee, have been forced underground.

We had 50+ students who had come from over 15 different locations throughout China in order to hear the teachings of the School of Christ. Among these students were pastors, elders, deacons, as well as a handful of young people who feel the call of God upon their lives for ministry. The discipline and the curriculum of the School is exactly what young ministers need and we were very glad to have them in our midst. They are the future of this great nation.

Getting out of bed every morning at 5 am, we prayed for an hour and a half to ask the Lord to prepare our hearts to receive from Him. Being a short school of 10 days, we preached until 9 pm every evening and closed with prayer. The students had never heard such deep teaching before. They sat with their mouths open like birds, and it was halfway through the first week before the light bulb started to come on. When the revelation came that the purpose of the born-again believer is to contain the very Creator of the universe, they wept and shouted with great joy! At times the teaching had to stop as we shouted along with them as the Lord opened their eyes to the deep truths of the Scriptures.

One lesson was cut short as the presence of the Lord was so strong that both the speaker and the translator could no longer stand. The whole assembly was affected with tears and groanings as the Lord swept over us. After some time, when the presence of the Lord finally began to lift, man after man stood up and confessed sin in loud voices before the whole congregation. They then stood up from their position of laying on the floor before God, and begin to make fresh consecrations unto the Lord. They rejoice in the freedom that came as the Lord purged them of sin!

The pastor who hosted the SOC School has had a vision since 2004 to reach out to places which no Westerner can go. Places like Iran, Iraq, and other nations which deny visas to us but are open to the Chinese. During the School, the hosting pastor was very encouraged and his vision renewed. He, along with his team, has now made plans to immediately go to the Middle East! Because of our network, we were able to assist him with contacts, and they will be there by the time you read this report. Praise the Lord!

At the graduation every single student made a fresh commitment to the cause of Christ. They had found new strength to continue to pastor, plant churches, and to suffer with Christ in this country which the government says is closed. Yet we, who minister this great Christ, know that the Lord opens doors which no man can shut! Hallelujah!

SOC Field-Worker


Russian School of Christ Youth Camp

 David Gearheart – SOC Director

 Yakov Demianchuk – Field- Worker


We have just finished our summer School of Christ Youth Camp with 130 young people in attendance. Our study this year was the series: “Faith.”

During this week of camp the Lord was present to save and fill believers. Many rededicated their lives and they have a burden to lead other youth to Christ.

The last night of the camp we went into the city of Lahdenpohya and held a service in the municipal park. There they sang and preached the Gospel. Praise the Lord for the boldness to preach the Word in the center of the city.

We are planning in September to start a School of Christ in Ivangorod. We are also continuing to translate the School of Christ for the deaf. We are receiving requests for books and videos to run Schools in different regions of Russia. Pray for the work and workers here in Russian.