SOC Equips, Encourages, Instructs, and Traines Workers in Kyrgyzstan

(For security purposes we have not included pictures and names in this article)

In November, the a team of Christian Brothers, in cooperation with the local church, held a three-week School of Christ in Kyrgyzstan. We had 15 pastors and missionaries that attended the School full-time. We were asked by the church to run the SOC to equip, encourage, instruct, and train their ministers in the Central Asian region.

Immediately following the School, the SOC Team held a time of fasting and prayer that was organized by a local church. There were 15 Kyrgyzstan pastors and 50 believers that attended. The sole purpose of this fasting and prayer was to seek God’s face for their vision of ministry. Bishop S. has decided to plan five days of fasting and prayer three times a year where the pastors, missionaries, and believers will all come together.

After the time of fasting and prayer we started another School in Tokmok. Pastor Clendennen helped to fund the starting of this college. We graduated 25 students that are all going into full-time missions work. These missionaries will be sent to new areas to plant churches.

There were many testimonies at the end of these Schools. Many spoke of radical changes in their lives, views, and their approach to the ministry.

All of the local ministers, students, bishops, and the SOC team in Kyrgyzstan, want to thank everyone who help make this work possible by your prayers and financial support. You are a great blessing to the Central Asian Church.

God bless you,
SOC Team

SOC Interrupted by Weeping and Crying Out for Revival

  Joel Pledge – Director

God is moving by His Spirit in Mongolia! We just returned from a School of Christ in the city of Erdenet, Mongolia, where we had 65 students in attendance. This School began with intense prayer, worship, and the study of God’s Word. Andrey and I had preached a Missions Conference in March and we had the opportunity to present the School to a group of people who are seeking revival for their nation. From the opening service to the last, God’s Spirit was poured out in our midst. God worked miracles; healing many from sickness and disease. Many testified to how God had renewed their faith and refreshed their spirits.

The anointing of the Spirit was so strong, at times, that our services were interrupted by weeping and crying out to the Lord. During the preaching of the Word, the Holy Spirit would fall and we could no longer continue preaching because of the mighty presence of God. We would pray and seek God until we could pray no longer. Students would be overcome by the power of God and stay in the Spirit for 20-30 minutes.

Every person was touched by the School of Christ. One of the great blessings is that the SOC did not charge the students. This church was the first church planted in the Midwestern region of Mongolia. This church had ministers preaching in their church from all over the world. Most of those ministries were looking for offerings and expected to be paid for their services. The School of Christ is free to those who come and it amazed the leadership of the church, and those who were able to attend were tremendously blessed. We cannot do this without your gifts and offerings. We cannot do this alone. God wants you to share in the ministry to Mongolia. What a great blessing the School of Christ is to the church of Mongolia!

We are receiving invitations all across Mongolia to run a School of Christ School. The Jesus Assembly Church in Erdenet has 38 other churches associated with them in ministry. Many people have gone out of the church to plant churches in other countries. They are desperately seeking God for revival. After a few years of complacency, God is stirring the hearts of the leadership to enlarge their tent, to plant new churches, and even to send more missionaries around the world. They have asked us to lay a foundation for church planting and revival among their associated churches.

We began with this School that focused upon the home church and an associated church in the capital city of Ulan Bater. We believe that God will allow us the opportunity to present the School of Christ in every region of Mongolia by partnering with this strong church.

We cannot overemphasize the change in theology. For many years the prosperity gospel was the only gospel in Mongolia. It promised much and delivered only desperation. Now through the School of Christ a Holy and true foundation is being laid. A foundation of Holiness. A foundation of the Holy Spirit. There is a strong revival movement which we believe is a true move of God. Thank you for making this possible.

Finally, one of the great accomplishments in this trip was the printing of the School of Christ manuscript into the Mongolian language. After many years of translating and then two more years of editing, we finally got to see the manuscript sent to the publisher. We put in an order for 300 copies to be ready in the next few weeks, with another 200 to follow next year. This will be a great resource for the pastors and leaders of the church. Now they can read and study the School for themselves.

The Crossroads Assembly of God in Jackson, Tennessee, gave so that the book could be translated but, the $3000 printing cost was sent from the home office of the School of Christ in Beaumont, Texas. If you can help cover these costs, please send your offerings today.

Joel Pledge – SOC Director


Graduating SOC class in Erdenet, Mongolia


Teachers that helped in the translation of the SOC manuscript.

Mission Message – Robert Turnage

  Robert Turnage – SOC President


With all that is taking place in the Middle East, I want to share with you an excerpt from Pastor Clendennen’s book, “Three Key Prophecies of the End-Time,” written in 60’s.

“For all practical purposes, the world is moving into the time of Jacob’s trouble or Daniel’s missing week. This period will witness the rise and reign of the anti-Christ. That part of the world known as the Middle East will be the center of the bloodiest war in history. The anti-Christ will come to power in a war at the beginning of this week of years, and will be put out of business in the Armageddon war at the end.

Prophecy marches on. The fulfilling of Ezekiel’s prophecy in the Middle East is frightening to behold. Millions will die in a war unparalleled in the history of wars. That weapons of mass destruction will be used is indicated by the prophet when he says it will take special crews to bury the dead.

When the smoke of that Great War clears, Israel will still be in the land. The back of the hordes of Islam will be broken, (five out of six will die on the mountains of Israel), and the world will be ripe for the anti-Christ. Everywhere and every day we are being conditioned for this Man of sin. The world is looking for some man that can save them. The anti-Christ will present himself as such a man, and the world as a whole will accept him. “That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” (II Thessalonians 2:12)

Prophecy marches on to fulfillment. Dark indeed are the days ahead for those outside of CHRIST.”


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