SOC Students in Mexico Full of Enthusiasm for God

Delvis Mercado – SOC Field-Worker

Greetings from your brothers in Mexico:

Our team of workers have been working in Mexico for the past two years in three states: Mexico City, Guerrero, and Colima. During this time we have graduated a total of 96 pastors.

Pastor Clendennen once said that, “If we do not harvest the fields that are white, religion will surely do it.” I believe that our calling and commitment is to carry this message of Pentecost to those hungry for God. We found men willing to pay the price for this Pentecost message in Mexico.

Pastor Jose has been so stoked by the fire of God after graduating from the School of Christ that he has taken the message of SOC to Acapulco, Guerrero. We have just graduated 18 students from Acapulco and Toluca. They have committed themselves to the advancement of the School of Christ in Mexico.

Pastor Miguel testifies, “The Lord Jesus Christ spoke to me while I was watching the SOC lessons. The voice of the Lord said to look at the mouth of the preacher (Pastor Clendennen.) As I watched, I saw LIFE coming out of his mouth. At that moment I was baptized in the power of the Holy Ghost.” Pastor Miguel has submitted himself to the work of God through the School of Christ. He is building a classroom for the exclusive use of the SOC.

In Tecoman, Colima, we graduated 22 students. The students were full of enthusiasm for God, and thankful for the School of Christ being brought to them. Five of the graduating pastors have invited us to come and run a SOC at their church.

We will continue to promote the School in these three states in 2018. We currently have more than 80 students taking the School of Christ in these states.


 Graduating Class of the School of Christ in Acapulco, Mexico.


 Graduating Class of the School of Christ in Toluca, Mexico.

SOC Moving Forward in Columbia

 Richard Goebel – SOC Director

God bless you and may the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you.

The work of the School of Christ is growing in Columbia. In 2017 we were able to run ten School of Christ Schools in seven different regions of the country.

In the indigenous Cauca Region of Columbia we ran three Schools in 2017, and we are seeing a great move of God in the hearts of these people. This is a very remote and hard area to reach, but we are seeing many souls saved under the direction of Pastor Yalandra. We are planning to run two more Schools in the Cauca Region in 2018.

In Santa Marta, Cartegena, Barraquilla, and Pereira the work of the SOC is continuing to move forward in small groups. It is difficult in many of these areas, and the pastors need our prayer and encouragement.

Pastor Zea, a former School of Christ graduate, has contacted us and requested that we bring the SOC to his area. He pastors a church in Zipaquira, about an hour from the city of Bogota. He has twenty–five pastors and leaders that would like to attend the School of Christ. We are making preparations to run a SOC there.

The work of the School of Christ, under the direction of Pastor Tundeno, is moving forward in Columbia. Thank you for your prayers and financial support for the work of God. Together we can reach our generation for Christ.

First SOC Begins in United Arab Emirates

 Field Director – Fernando Reyes

My only thought was the opening of the 1st School of Christ class in Dubai, UAE, but the Lord had a better plan. After only four days into the Dubai School, ministers contacted me requesting that the SOC be run in the states of Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. All three locations are now set up and training men and women of the United Arab Emirates.

Indeed, the Lord is doing great and mighty things through the School of Christ International in the lives of our 59 students. All of them are excited about what they have learned through the lessons in the SOC, and they are very eager to share the teachings with others. As a result, there are already those who are waiting for the next class to begin.

Ministering the Word of God in an Arab community may not be easy, but the Lord allowed us to go there through the Filipino communities, and through them, to other nationalities in the United Arab Emirates.
The best plan is God’s plan. If we live under the anointing and the leadership of the Holy Spirit, God will take care of everything.

April Mission Message

 Robert Turnage

I have had the privileged of being a part of the School of Christ International from the very beginning. Pastor B. H. Clendennen initiated what would, and now has become, one of the greatest missionary works in world history. The phenomenal blessings of God continues to defy description. One evidence of the soon return of Christ is the fulfilling of Scripture that the Gospel would be preached in ALL OF THE WORLD (Matthew 21:14) before the end comes.

We will be sharing with you more details of the testimonies we receive on a daily basis in our office. I have just received reports of students going into God-hating regions of the earth to preach the Word. They are going, knowing the possible fate that awaits them if they are discovered. We have not reported many of these experiences in the past, over concern for the safety of our workers and those to whom they minister. We will, and must, use discretion, but you will be amazed at the price some are paying to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Christ. It will also stir your spirit for the need of urgent prayer. Being a part of God’s work is like reading a thrilling novel or a moving documentary, telling of the price paid by generations who preceded us.

Of course, not all directors and ministers are under this threat, but all are paying a great price to answer the call of God. Amazingly, there is no earthly glory or recognition for what they do, and even their names are unknown to most people. But God knows everything about them, the sacrifice they are making, and when He comes He will bring a reward with Him; their reward will be great and remain for all eternity.

Please remember to pray for all the saints working with and for the School of Christ International.