Nicaraguan Prison Update

Thanks be to God that the School of Christ continues to advance in the Nicaraguan prisons. Two years ago when the door opened up for us to teach the School of Christ in the National Penitentiary System, our first duty was to train and equip chaplains and ministers.

Pastor Gustavo Miranda, SOC field-worker and head of the prison ministry, said, “We had been living very comfortable in our way of witnessing the Gospel, but after going through the School of Christ training, our lives are forever changed. We have been challenged to seek the Lord with more intensity and with fasting and prayer. The inmates are now receiving the Gospel of Jesus Christ with power and authority.”

Another SOC worker, Pastor Wilber Martinez, testified that the prison authorities have sought him out asking him to continue preaching to the prisoners inside the pavilions, because they believe that the School of Christ is the answer needed to change the lives of the inmates.

In March, we celebrated our third graduation of the School of Christ in the prison. The director of prisons authorized the 80 SOC students to attend the graduation. This made big news! The media was invited into the prison to see what the School of Christ was doing. God allowed the SOC workers to speak to the entire nation through the national media and tell them that Jesus Christ was the reason for such a change in the prisoners’ lives. We are now receiving requests to go into other prisons. To God be the Glory!

The vision of Pastor Clendennen, “Pentecost is a message of hope that brings liberation and life to the elect,” is now our vision. We will continue to work for Christ until His return.


Soc Trains Pastors and Missionaries in Karelia, Russia

School of Christ Students in Karelia, Russia


We have just finished the School of Christ in Karelia, Russia that started in February and ran through March, 2018. The 25 students were made up of pastors and missionaries from different regions of Russia.

We were joined by former graduates of the School of Christ on February 23, and we started 3 days of fasting and prayer. It was wonderful to see pastors and missionaries revived and uplifted in Christ.

The work is very difficult and I ask that you please remember in prayer the work and workers of SOC in Russia and the surrounding areas.

Yakov Demianchuk
SOC Field-Worker

Cambodian Testimony


This young woman was so violent that her village had to chain her up for over fourteen years. The Cambodian missionary workers ministered to her for three days and God completely set her free. She is now living and studying the Word of God at the new church facilities in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Cambodia Seeking True Revival

 David Jacobson – SOC Director

The training of pastors and workers in Cambodia has been very difficult. This dark nation is slowly recovering from the genocide committed by Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge soldiers during the Killing Fields era. He massacred 1.7 million of his own people from 1975 to 1979. According to Yale University’s Cambodia Genocide Program, 21 percent of the population was killed.

We have run several Schools in Cambodia but, out of the 24 Cambodian pastors that have gone through the School, there never seemed to be that one pastor with a total commitment to seeing revival. But, God had a young
orphan woman named Rachel, along with her adoptive parents, who have a burden for the city of Siem Reap, and the country of Cambodia.

After graduating from the School of Christ, Rachel and her parents felt the call of God to start a new work. God has met their every need. First, they were granted legal status from the Cambodian Government to establish a church. Second, a very wealthy woman in their city has allowed them to use a very large parcel of land that she owns. She is going to donate the land to the church once it is legally established with the Cambodian government.

The workers in this new work are strong in prayer, but they need good Biblical teaching. We shared with them that if they want to see the revival that they are praying for, they will have to train and raise up leaders that will take revival to their nation. In the near future we will go and teach the School of Christ to the leaders that have been appointed.

This new ministry is filled with miracles, signs, and wonders. One day while I was there ministering, I received a text that my mother-in-law was given as little as two days and no more than two weeks to live. The pastor’s wife, Charlene, asked one morning at prayer meeting about her condition and she started to pray. While interceding in prayer for my Mom, she suddenly stopped praying and said, “It’s finished, she’s healed.” Upon returning to the hotel that night, I received another text saying that Mom had gotten out of bed, taken a shower, and was getting ready to go to church. She has been well ever since. The doctor examined her and said he could find nothing wrong with her. Praise God!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Revival is breaking forth in Southeast Asia.

 Rachel, on the lift with the guitar, leading worship at the service in Cambodia.




SOC Effectively Reaching the World for Christ

 Robert Turnage

SOC Directors and Workers: Brian Larsen, Steve Manville, Donal Chance, David Jacobson, Pete Spackman, Lawrence Register, Somchai, Aubry Tyler, Emmett Gagnard, Robert Turnage, Curtis McGehee, Marty Hardin, Joel Pledge, Lee Shipp, Ron Sutton, Richard Goebel, and guest Christopher Weise with DBS.


Pictured are directors and workers of the School of Christ International who were able to attend a meeting on Thursday, April 5, 2018. Due to other ministerial commitments several of our Directors were not able to attend. This gathering was held at our home offices in Beaumont, Texas. It was described by many attendees as one of the best gatherings we have ever had. I believe we are living in the last days, and God is preparing His ministers and workers for the end-time work He will do through them, “…not by might or power but by my Spirit” (Zechariah 4:6).

This was an event that God blessed, and everyone felt strengthened and encouraged to continue laboring in the whitened harvest fields of the world. God is not through with the School of Christ. He will continue to lead and direct our efforts. These men have paid a price to carry out the vision and burden of God that, concerning this missions ministry, was initiated by Pastor B. H. Clendennen. They have always had a burden for lost souls, but it was Pastor Clendennen that God used to bring together these men of “like precious faith” to join their call and ministry to effectively reach multitudes in over 156 countries of the world.

Every one of these men are true servants of God and count it all joy to be in the Master’s service. I love and appreciate them. I wish you could know them as I do, and if that was possible, you would agree with my words about them. I am not exalting man, but giving honor where it is due. But, if nothing else, we will soon be joined together in the King’s Glory forever. What a day of rejoicing when the ones who went to carry the Gospel, the ones who saw and heard the need and freely gave to send the Gospel messenger, and those birthed into the family of God because of these works, are forever joined to worship and serve Him forever and ever.

Pray earnestly and urgently for these men of God. Also pray that God will send laborers to be added to us. Time is running out, Jesus is coming soon. Doors are closing in many areas of the world, and we have the call of God upon us to go into all the world and bid them come to Christ.

We are in the process of trying to provide a better and more thorough communication of what God is doing through this missionary effort, with you, and our many other friends and supporters of this great and wonderful work of God. I know you realize there is a great need for funding and support as we all fulfill our role to reach lost souls.